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girl, in la
In the summer of 2021, I self published a collection of short stories called, girl, in la. Here are some reviews.


"Jessie is a gifted writer whose words make you feel safe. Highly HIGHLY recommend this beautiful book!!! Perfect with a morning cup of coffee or when you need a reminder that you’ll be okay." 

—Emma Solloway, musician and friend

"If I could give this book more than five stars I would, it is such a beautiful collection of short stories and takes the reader on a raw and emotional journey that connects in such a genuine way! It really made me reflect on my own past heartbreak and journey of healing and I can't even begin to express how beautifully those themes are expressed and explored. Well worth purchasing and reading!!!"—Cassie Senn author of "The Changing Temperatures of Heartache"

"I've been in a reading slump all September but this made me curl up in one corner since morning. I cannot begin to tell you what this book means to me. It's so familiar, like you've experience the traumas yourself and the poems at the end along with the mention of songs and playlists is everything."—Yadawanka, poet under @twit.terpatted

"Why am I crying about a trip to Trader Joe's"—Sam Maldonado, data scientist, cool instagram vegan, and friend

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